Lucy Kimbell

About Lucy:
I work on the boundaries of art, design and social science. My projects include Audit (2002), published by Book Works; Pindices (2005), a collaboration with sociologist Andrew Barry shown in Making Things Public, curated by Latour and Weibel at ZKM Karlsruhe; and Rat Fair, a live event at Camden Arts Centre (2005) involving about 50 rats and 500 people. Having worked primarily in art and interaction design for several years, I am currently masquerading as a social scientist as the Clark Fellow in Design Leadership at Said Business School, University of Oxford where among other things I teach on the MBA. I think of my art work as creating bastardised methodologies, which in social science finds an intellectual home in Science and Technology Studies. More recently I've been researching the possibilities of design and art practices in organisational life, through writing and other forms of knowledge production. In 2008 I curated an interdisciplinary exhibition Imagining Business with Nina Wakeford and Alex Hodby.


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