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The Tactical Play colloquium was a fascinating and intense day of discussions and presentations with much appreciated contributions from speakers and delegates. We will be posting video extracts of the day here on the blog soon.

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Slide show of selected google images searched for using 'tactical', 'play' and 'tactical play'

Read Sophie Hope and Elaine Speight's Introduction to Tactical Play: DOWNLOAD FILE

Here are a few questions that people came away from the day with:

• If ‘tactical play’ is an exercise in subversion, is it really productive? Subversion and transgression only reconfirm the established order.
• How can playful artistic practice/ research find ways to document its processes, and define its own outcomes? Why do artists talk so much sometimes?
• Where does the carnivalesque/ trickster/ fool fit?
• How serious can/must play be?
• Where has the playful subversion gone?

Read more extracts of why people attended Tactical Play: DOWNLOAD FILE

Read notes from the Tactical Play presentations and discussions here: DOWNLOAD FILE

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Image: Erene Kaptani leads a workshop about Playback theatre and a group exercise in representing 'power'.

Read Eleonora Schinella's report of the event on her blog:

Read Justin McKeown's article, 'SPART and other Sport / Art hybrid practices' (originally published in Visual Artists Ireland): DOWNLOAD FILE

Big thanks go to Kevin Mahy for documenting the event and Rebecca Maguire for helping to facilitate. Thanks also to all the speakers and delegates for their contributions and for coping with the heat and limp sandwiches.

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